Thank You Magical Bean Kit

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The Thank You Magical Bean Pack is a perfect idea for anyone that you would like to say Thank You to with aa unique gift.

These are Magical Moment starter packs and come with everything you need to grow your own Magical Bean with a special Thank You message.

Each Pack includes

  • 1 Magic Bean (that says 'Thank You' on it)
  • 1 Pot (that says 'Thank You for helping me grow' on it)
  • 1 Packet of Water Beads (Soil Substitute which are the matching colour to the pot)


What is a Thank You Magical Bean?

Thank You Magical beans are fabulous little seeds, with the word 'Thank You' printed on it, and when they grow the word is displayed on the plant.

These are a gift that will keep on giving and will remind the receiver how special they are to you.

What seed is it?

It is a Jack Vine Seed and will grow into a vine which will have purplish flowers and then seeds which are edible when cooked. The seed pod that displays the message when grown will drop off the plant after about 3 months. Once the plant outgrows it's pot, you can replanted it into your garden or a bigger pot. The plant will grow up to 1 metre in height! 

What are Water Beads?

Water beads are a soil substitute and are tiny water absorbent polymer. When exposed to water, they absorb the water and grow (once fully grown they are aout the size of  marble) The water beads then release water as needed for the growing plants.

THANK YOU so much to My Magical Moments for this wonderfully magic product.

Pot dimensions are 7cm wide and 8cm high

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