Care Instructions

Items of clothing

Washing instructions:

Turn garment inside out 

Machine wash on COLD with mild detergent, no bleach, no fabric softener and no Napisan (especially for the metallic colours)

Wash separate to towels and items with Velcro (if you have items with velcro in the same wash maybe put your item in a delicates bag)

Do not tumble dry, NO dry cleaning.

Correct care of your garments will allow them to look the best for many washes!


Drink Bottles/Mugs/Cups/Dinnerware

Do not immerse in water..

Do not bump, knock or scrape anything against vinyl lettering. Doing so will cause damage to lettering.

Wipe outside of mug/glass/bottle/plate etc with soft damp cloth to clean and fill with water and a small amount of dish washing liquid. Clean inside with bottle brush and rinse clean.

Do not use cleaning products on the outside of your drink bottles/mug/glasses//plate etc

Take care not to drop or knock your drink bottles/mug/glasses//plate etc

Keep out of direct sunlight & do not expose to extreme heat

Do not place vinyl product in microwave, freezer, or dishwasher


Vinyl Decals for small objects (DIY drink bottle labels, lunch box labels and so on)

Decal comes in 3 layers - top transfer layer, middle layer is the decal, and bottom layer is the backing paper.

1. CLEAN: Wipe clean the surface you are applying the decal to with a mild cleanser. Allow to dry. 

2. RUB: Use a credit card or scraper and rub the decal (sticker). 

3. PEEL: Carefully, peel the backing paper from the tape. If the letters are not sticking to the tape, replace tape and rub again. The lettering should now be on the transfer tape. 

4. APPLY: Place the decal on your window or surface. Use your card again (or fingers on round surfaces) & rub and smooth the decal onto the object. 

5. REMOVE: Now remove the transfer tape from your surface by peeling it off starting in the corner. You should peel almost horizontal to your surface. If your letters are not sticking to your surface, lay the tape back down and rub again.


Vinyl Decals for car


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